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Eco tour and sport tour

Eco tour and sport tour are the branches of the world’s tourism industry, which has been able to take a large share of tourism over the past decade. Eco tourism and sport tourism are the important pillars of the tourism industry, and attracting the attention of many tourists.

Ecotourism is a responsible journey to natural areas, which helps to preserve the environment and improve the local people’s life.

Iran is a country with a variety nature which include mountains, lakes, caves, forests, with species of plant, mineral waters and numerous islands in the southern and northern beaches.

Sports tourism refers to kind of trips that involve watching a sporting event or participating in such a competition.

Sport tourism is one of the subsets of the tourism industry that is expanding and developing day by day. A market that can be a huge source of income for different countries. Usually sporting tourism is divided into three types.  Tourism Sport Events, Active sport Tourism and Nostalgic

Experience Eco tourism and sport tourism in Iran by WhyPersia.


Eco tourism and sport tourismEco tourism and sport tourism

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