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Religious tour

Considering the existence of different and extension religions anywhere in this great world, many people tend to travel to pilgrimage , which has led to the create a kind of tourism called religious tour.

Millions Muslims travel to Arabia, Christians to the Vatican or the holy churches, and … It can be said that this type of tourism has the largest number. Every year, 15 million Iranians travel to Mashhad alone, where one of the Holy Imams is buried there. This kind of tourism, which is perfectly in line with religious ideology, is promoted for many tourist destinations. And there are huge investments both inside and outside the country.

the shrines of Imam Reza and Hazrat Masoumeh ,in Khorasan Razavi and Qom provinces are most popular attractions for religious tourism in iran.

WhyPersia offer the religious tour in Iran ,as individually or group.

Religious tourism



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