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Historical Site

Iran is one of the ancient countries of the world and the cradle of civilization. Iran has a number of historical monuments that can not be found anywhere in the world. This ancient country, throughout history, has seen many governors who has left a the monument.

By traveling to this land, you can go to Kashan and watch the remains of one of the earliest civilizations in the world. Or visit Shiraz and see the most magnificent Achaemenian palaces. And visit the ancient temples by visiting Yazd There are signs of its historical landmarks in Iran  With our team’s guidance and planning, you can visit all of these places.

WhyPersia prepared a list of ancient monument and landmarks which are available in Iran.some of these landmarks recorded on UNESCO world heritage list.


List of World Heritage Sites in Iran:

Cultural (22)
Natural (1)

The most ancient Armenian church in the world.One of the 12 Apostles, St. Thaddeus, also known as Saint
Jude, (not to be confused with Judas Iscariot), was martyred while spreading the Gospel. He is revered as an apostle of the  Armenian Apostolic Church. Legend has it that a church dedicated to him was first built on the present site in 68 AD. Christianity is one of the religions which is respected in Iran. WhyPersia company is providing a situation in which the Christian form the other countries can get familiar with Iranian
churches and this religion in general.

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