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A sense of culture, a taste of tradition, and the smells of the spices.

This is food which gathers the family all around the table chatting, laughing and eating. This is the food which makes you feel happiness among the family and friends. In a broader sense, food gathers the whole world together.

Our passion is to inspire you by Persian cuisine. You can experience colors green or red, yellow or orange, spices like Saffron and cinnamon and also taste sour to sweet.

Climate diversity in Iran makes the culture and food diverse all around the country in Iran.

Persian cuisine is famous for the smells and taste of kebabs; Shashlik and Kabab koobideh and stew, like Ghormeh sabzi, Gheimeh, and Fesenjān. These all can come with Persian rice which the smell and taste are unique all around the world.

Also, you can experience the seafood especially in north and south of Iran where you can try fried or grilled fish and shrimp on the coast while sea wind touches your face and you can hear the ocean, smells the flower and be at ease.

If you are a foodie and food hunter, you would feel comfortable in Iran as the diversity makes it easy to find favorable food for yourself. If you have a chance to travel to different places for sure Iran is one of those places full of taste. Drinks are also fabulous which are called sherbet or dough. you can never imagine how feels drinking saffron or cardamom seating on the balcony in Hyrcanian forest alongside the Caspian Sea.

Here we could create guides showing you where to eat as local do and which restaurant worth to go. Or maybe you eager eating with local in Ecologe which is fantastic. We are here to help you on how to pay when to eat and where to stay. And more importantly how much you should pay for the foods!


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