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    Tour type: Daily Tour
    Duration: 21 Days
    Maximum number of people: Unlimited
    Location: Esfahan, Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Rasht, kashan, bandar abbas
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    Cancellation policy

    Cancellation within 20 Day(s) before the date of arrival 20% will be charged.


    Length: 21 Days

    Theme: Culture

    Cities: Tehran, Masouleh, Matin Abad, Meybod, Yazd, Qeshm, Hormuz, Lar, Firouz Abad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Abyaneh and Kashan



    Visiting Tehran with its modern and classic poles

    UNESCO global heritage sites all over Iran

    Passing through different cultures, languages and even climates

    Spending nights at local houses and cottages to experience village life

    Ancient villages that date back to 2000 to 6000 years ago

    Wonderful islands of the Persian Gulf

    Golden sands of Lut one of the most beautiful deserts in the world

    Visiting Shiraz, the capital of the ancient Persian Empire




    This is a very special tour around Iran that lets you visit a beautiful variety of Persian culture, history, lifestyle, food climates and many more…. From the snowy mountains of Alborz to the rain forests above and to the golden deserts in the middle of Iran. You can walk among the ancient Persian history which goes back to many ages ago. Many kingdoms and kings have passed and many borders have changed ever since and these are all visible in Iranian cities as monuments, castles, mosques, museums, paintings, instruments, and so many other attractions. What you will experience are not only a cultural trip but a journey to the heart of more than 12000 years in history, more than 20 eras and more than 20 kingdoms.


    Day One

    Arrival at Tehran airport, meet your private guide.

    Depending on your arrival time and your preference, we can go for sightseeing or meet up a young Iranian, enjoy a nice cup of tea, while they smoke Hookah.


    Day Two


    On the way to Masouleh, pay a visit to glorious Safavid capital, Qazvin.

    Enjoy Masouleh atmosphere and exotic restaurant for dinner.



    Day Three

    Ruudkhan castle

    After having breakfast, walk through the narrow alleys and head to the Rudkhan Castle 40 km from Masouleh.

    Hike up a thousand steps to reach the castle.

    Drive to the Caspian Sea and sleep hearing the waves breaking to shore.



    Day Four

    Caspian Sea

    Enjoy morning by the side of the sea.

    Drive to Tehran.


    Day Five


    Have you ever heard of underground cities? You are going to visit one!

    Rest in Matin Abad Desert Camp.

    Enjoy the desert sunset, sunrise and sand dunes, and stargazing.



    Day Six


    Visit a 1500-year-old castle named Narin.

    Watch the process of making a jug in a pottery workshop.



    Day Seven


    Walkthrough narrow turning alleys and visit the magnificent entrance of Jame Mosque with its tall Minarets and amazing ceramic work.

    Enjoy a visit to the atmospheric Alexander Prison, and Amirchakhmagh Complex with its impressive construction.



    Day Eight


    Visit a historical village where the residents live in the 350 hand-dug houses amid the rocks; some of which have been inhabited for as long as 3,000 years.


    Day Nine

    To Qeshm

    Take a ferry to Qeshm Island.

    Overnight stay.



    Day Ten

    Qeshm Island

    Visit Khorbas Caves.

    Visit Chahkuh Valley.


    Day Eleven

    Hormoz Island

    Enjoy wandering around in one of the most colorful Islands on earth – Hormoz Island.



    Day Twelve

    Dolphin-scuba diving – jet ski – fishing

    Scuba Diving.

    Jet Sky.

    Fishing. Watching Dolphins




    Day Thirteen


    Harra Mangroove Forest.

    Valley of Stars.



    Day Fourteen

    Firuz Abad

    Visit an amazing 1500 years old city.



    Day Fifteen


    Explore the beauties of Zand architecture including the amazing Vakil Mosque and attractive bazaar with tantalizing handicrafts and artwork.

    In the evening, meet warm Iranians in Hafez tomb reciting their poems.


    Day Sixteen


    Visit the ruins of Persepolis, a world heritage.

    Visit Pasargadae (Cyrus the Great Tomb) and Necropolis (his Descendants Graves).


    Day Seventeen


    En route, visit Pasargadae and Necropolis.

    See 33 Bridges and Khajoo Bridge after checking in to your hotel in Isfahan.


    Day Eighteen


    Marvel at the amazing Royal Square (Meydan-e-Naghshe Jahan).

    Imam Mosque perplexing features besides the impressive tile work at Seikh Lotfollah Mosque are no less than the paintings and the music room at Aliqapoo Palace.




    Day Nineteen

    Vank Church.

    Ruins of Zoroastrians Fire Temple.

    Chehel Sotune (40 pillars).



    Day Twenty


    In this village which is characterized by its reddish hue of the clay, you can see the Iranian ancient style of living.


    Day Twenty-One


    Get an insight into Iranian traditional houses.

    Drive to Tehran, end of the tour.


    What’s Included

    Multilingual guide.

    Accommodation according to your itinerary

    Full board


    Entrances and Tickets according to your itinerary


    What’s Excluded

    International transportation

    Iranian Dedicated Sim Card purchase

    Domestic trip insurance

    Probable therapeutic costs

    Iranian Visa

    Scuba Diving

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