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According to the insurance policy, all foreign nationals and persons who live abroad and who intend to travel to Iran can be covered by this insurance policy and take advantage of it. The coverage of this insurance policy starts from the time of the insured’s arrival in the Islamic Republic of Iran and ends when the trip ends with the insurance policy due to which the insurance policy expires or the legal expiration of the insured event occurs.

Obligations of the insurer

The Transfer

Transfer of insured to hospital closures, the return of insured to the country, transfer of the corpse to the nearest airport of his place of residence in the country concerned, take measures for the return of persons under 15 years of insurance, transfer of a relative to Iran, payment of expenses

Pay Fees

  • Hospitality and medical expenses up to 10,000 euros including basic visit, imaging and laboratory services, pharmaceutical costs, outpatient surgeries, physiotherapy
  • Medical expenses due to hospitalization and surgery in the hospital and DAYCARE surgical centers (more than 6 hours admitted)
  • Dental emergency costs up to 200 Euros, limited to toothache treatment, infection treatment, and tooth extraction.
  • The cost of missing travel documents such as passports, driving licenses or consular documents up to 2000 euros
  • Costs of judicial assistance up to € 250 in claims during the period of residence in Iran

The above is subject to the general and private conditions of the insurance policy.


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