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    Tour type: Daily Tour
    Duration: 14 Days
    Maximum number of people: Unlimited
    Location: Esfahan, Tehran, Kermanshah, Ahvaz, kashan
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    Cancellation within 15 Day(s) before the date of arrival 20% will be charged.


    Cultural Variety

    Length: 14 Days

    Type: Culture and History

    Cities: Tehran, Ahwaz, Susa, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan



    Classical and Modern poles of Tehran

    Palaces, Mosques, Castles and Persian Gardens


    Ancient Cypress Tree the oldest creature alive

    UNESCO world heritage sites

    Bazaars full of souvenirs and handicrafts

    Ancient dam and water barrier architecture from 4000 years ago

    Different cultures and lifestyles of Persians



    Getting deep into Iran’s history on this special trip. From the latest capital of Iran, Tehran, to the historic capitals of the ancient Persian empire from the periods of Achaemenid era to Safavid, Zand, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras. Nearly 2500 years of written history to experience in this trip though even more than 4000 years old signs of lifestyle had been found but haven’t been written yet. However, you will experience all of it on this special trip.








    Day One

    Your arrival at Tehran

    Arrival at Tehran, meet your private tour guide, transfer to hotel. Depending on your arrival time and your preference, a choice of Tehran sightseeing or going deep into young Iranian meet up and gathering areas and enjoy having a nice tea, while they smoke Ghalian (Tobacco).

    Overnight Tehran.


    Day Two

    Fly to Ahwaz

    Arriving Ahwaz Airport and drive to Sushtar to visit the Sushtar Historic watermills, which are now registered as a UNESCO heritage site.

    Sleep in a traditional Persian house, which was modified as a tourist lodge.


    Day Three

    Ziggurat and Susa

    Full day excursion to Ziggurat of the Choqa Zanbil dates back to 1250 B.C.

    Visit Hafttappeh museum in Susa to visit the remains of Achaemenian Palaces.

    Visit the tomb of Daniel the prophet.

    Afterward, move to Shushtar.

    Drive back to Shushtar and spend overnight.


    Day Four

    Drive to Shiraz

    After early morning breakfast, drive to Shiraz

    En-route, stop to visit Bishapur to see the remains of an ancient Sassanid city built by Shapur 1st

    Then go to Tang-e-Chogan, which are rock carvings detailing of Shapur’s Victories over the Roman empire

    Later, arrive at Shiraz

    Overnight in Shiraz


    Day Five

    The cultural capital of Iran

    Take a tour of some attractions in the cultural capital of Iran – walk through the main walking street.

    Visit Karimkhan Citadel with tilting brick tower.

    On your way toward Vakil complex, visit the Pars museum.

    Explore beauties of Zand architecture, including the amazing Vakil Mosque and attractive bazaar with tantalizing handicrafts and artwork.

    Evening, meet warm Iranians in Hafez tomb reciting their poems.





    Day Six

    Visit Persepolis

    Drive to Persepolis and Necropolis (Naghshe Rostam) and Unearth the ruins of Persepolis, a world heritage.

    Stay overnight in beautiful traditional Persian house, and depending on weather conditions, enjoy gazing stars.


    Day Seven

    Drive to Yazd

    On the way to Yazd, stop in Abarkooh to visit a 4,000 years old Cypress Tree.


    Day Eight

    Yazd sightseeing

    Yazd, Marco-polo’s favorite city and a city known as the bride of the desert, walk through narrow turning allies and visit the magnificent entrance of Jame Mosque with its tall minarets and amazing ceramic work.

    Later visit the atmospheric Alexander prison and enjoy the tea house.

    Later visit the breath-taking Amirchakhmagh Complex with its impressive construction.

    Overnight Yazd.





    Day Nine

    Drive to Isfahan

    On the way to Isfahan, see Narin Castle in Naein.

    See the 33 Bridges and Khajoo Bridge after checking in to your hotel in Isfahan.


    Day Ten

    Isfahan sightseeing

    Marvel at the amazing royal square (Meydan-e-Naghshe Jahan).

    Observe Imam Mosque and its perplexing features beside the impressive tile work at Seikh Lotfollah Mosque, which are no less than the paintings and the music room at Aliqapoo palace.


    Day Eleven

    Isfahan sightseeing

    Visit Vank Church, Vibrating Minaret, and Ruins of Zoroastrian Fire Temple.


    Day Twelve

    Early morning drive to Matin Abad desert camp

    Enjoy desert sunset, sunrise, and sand dunes.

    Enjoy star gazing and night camp fire. (On the way, visit Natanz).




    Day Thirteen

    Drive to Kashan

    Visit Abyaneh, a village near Kashan at the foot of Karkas Mountain characterized by its reddish hue of the clay. In this village the Iranian ancient style of living, civilization, and culture is still evident.

    The language spoken by the literate people of Abyaneh is Pahlavi.

    In this village, you will have traditional Iranian cuisine.

    Visit an underground secret city (which was recently discovered).


    Day Fourteen

    Kashan sightseeing

    Get an insight into Iranian traditional houses by visiting Tabatabai and Boroojerdiha houses.

    Tread in Fin Gardens of Kashan, and taste Iranian food at the cooking class hosted by a local family.

    Depending on the time of your flight, drive to Tehran / Imam Khomeini Airport.








    What’s Included

    Vehicle in accordance with the number of people

    Foreign Language guide

    Accommodations (Hotel, Local house, Traditional House)

    Full Board

    All entrances based on itinerary


    What’s Excluded

    International transportation

    Iranian Dedicated Sim Card purchase

    Domestic trip insurance

    Probable therapeutic costs

    Iranian Visa

    Tour’s Location

    Loading Maps
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