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Medical tourism which is known as medical travel or global healthcare, is rapidly becoming common in worldwide. It is defined as a process of traveling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care and surgery.

Iran as one of the advanced countries in the field of medical care and surgery with up-to-date medical technology. it has a high potential for this industry. tourists from all over the world, travel to Iran in order to organ transplants, artificial insemination, plastic surgery, eye surgery and heart surgery.
WhyPersia present health services in Iran, and also manage coordination of responsible organizations for Medical tourism.

Medical tourism


Therapeutic  Field
 Treatment Process
In hotels
Treatment  Duration
Treatment Prices($)
Beauty Beauty Nose Surgery 671480
Fat and gel injection 23570
Botox 11140
Facial Lift  (Facial Rejuvenation) 12700
 Injection of fat to the hips 8102820
Hair transplantation 33900
Eyebrow transplantation 33570
 Planting beard 33570
Removal of abdominal fat with and without surgery 572250
Removal of adipose fats with and without surgery 671250
Removal of adipose and abdominal fat with and without surgery 671700
 Lipolysis  (removal of body fat by laser) 221130
Small and breast enlargement 572500
Prosthesis or implant 672000
Breast restoration surgery 672200
 Breast lift 582570
OncologyChemotherapy 13_51350
Radiotherapy every session 110
 Abdominal Cancer Surgery 5142500
Ear, Nose,  ThroatCochlear implant 182011250
 Ear surgical surgery (autoplasty) 172250


Open heart surgery or coronary artery bypass 14218500
Repair or replace the heart valve 14218000
Restoration of aneurysm 12156800
Arrhythmia Surgery 573400
Decompression of vessels (angiography) 01600
Angio Plasty (1 vessel) 571700
 Angio Plasty (2 vessel) 572850
NeurologyDeep Brain Stimulation (DBS)” 142145000
Definitive treatment of Parkinson’s with the method cell therapy 142117000
Spine 8105700
Brain Tumors 13207900
Cervical Disc 253300
Interruption of peripheral nerves 274000




Synthetic fertility (IVF) 28303400
Sperm or Microinjection Injection (ICSI) 
Surgery and ovarian treatment 6720100
 Surgery and treatment of breast cancer 572850
Urology Kidney Transplant 153012500
Repulsion and kidney stones 121125
Repel and blunt bladder stones (ACNL) 373000
Prostate  surgery 372500
Bladder  surgery 5103500
Sex Change 23308450
Varico celectomy 11850


Corneal Transplantation 773750
Cataracts 552000
Glaucoma (black water) 221500
LASIK on both sides 221200
Bilateral Lazyk 221200
Femto LASIK one-sided 221250
Strabismus 221400
Vitrectomy 774400
Vitrectomy with decollete 774500
Ptosis of one eye 331750
Plastic surgery eyes 222750
 Lacrimal duct surgery 221250
DentistryImplant 55500
Veneer 11110
 Oral, maxillofacial surgery 254000


Spinal Surgery 273000
Shoulder and hand surgery 572250
Knee replacement surgery 573000
Pelvic surgery 273500
Foot and Ankle Surgery 273200
 Surgery of bone tumors 374000

Cell Therapy

knee arthritis 123500
Parkinson 226000
MS 226000
Muscle Control – ALS 226000
Spinal cord injury 
Diabetes 224000
 Treatment of Vitiligo 336000
Slimming  surgeryStomach sleeve Surgery 583300
Stomach by pass surgery 584000
Stomach bonding surgery 582750

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