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    Tour type: Daily Tour
    Maximum number of people: Unlimited
    Location: Tehran, Tabriz, Rasht
    Departure date:
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    Cancellation policy

    Cancellation within 10 Day(s) before the date of arrival 10% will be charged.


    Duration: 10 Days

    Theme: Eco Tourism and Culture

    Cities to Visit: Tehran, Lavij, Ramsar, Rasht, Anzali Harbor, Asalem, Ardabil, Tabriz, Kandovan Village

    Level of Difficulty: 1/5

    Meals: Full Board


    Visiting bustling Tehran with its modern and classic poles

    Enjoying the view of wonderful Damavand peak from its mountainside

    Spa and Hot Spring with so many medical benefits and relaxing effects

    Walking among evergreen marvelous jungles in the north of Iran

    Walking in the coastline of the beautiful Caspian Sea

    Experiencing the lifestyle of villages, spending the night in cottages and local houses

    Getting on the Tele Cabin to escalate the green mountain side of Alborz mountain line

    Boating in the lakes and enjoying several extraordinary waterfalls

    Taking a glance at the astonishing ancient stone village of Kandovan



    This trip with a physical rating of 2 from 5 is a very suitable trip to experience Iran’s untouched and evergreen nature. From the ever snowy mountains of Damavand to the green rainforests of the north and then the special coastline of Caspian Sea. Giving a try to the famous Iranian food yet having a special moment in the lakes, waterfalls, villages and modern cities. Tele-cabin, boating, visiting local markets، buying souvenirs and so many endless entertainments and pleasures are included on this wonderful trip.



    Day one: Entering Tehran and transfer to hotel 3*

    Entering Tehran then transferring to the hotel. (Optional) In case the arrival time was suitable we can have a small tour around Tehran and visit the Golestan Palace beside the famous bazaar of Tehran.


    Day two: Visiting Tehran (hotel 3*)

    City tour around Tehran and visiting the bazaar of Tajrish, Milad Tower, Niavaran Palace and the Mosque of Imamzade Saleh


    Day three: Tehran to Hyrcanian Forest and Hot Spring and Spa (Local Hotel)

    Heading towards the Haraz Road. On the way to the northern part of Iran stopping over the mountain side of Alborz mountain side to take a glance at the marvelous Damavand Peak. Thereafter continuing towards the city of Amol and then reaching the jungle of Kashpel in Lavij area. Enjoying the hot spring there yet spending time in the hotel at night.


    Day four: Caspian Sea shoreline to Ramsar (Hotel 3*)

    Visiting the breathtaking coastline of Caspian Sea to reach the Entertainment Complex of Namak Abrood. There we will get on the Tele Cabin to reach the peak of its mountain and having a view over the whole area of the north, Caspian Sea and the jungles around all at the same time. Then heading to Ramsar to spend the night at the hotel there.


    Day five: Ramsar to Anzali lagoon through Javaherdeh (Hotel 3*)

    Taking a look at the Green palace of Ramsar, then going to Javaherdeh village to see its panoramic view of jungles reaching the Caspian Sea. Visiting Gilan Museum then heading towards the harbor of Anzali to sleep near the Caspian Sea coastline there.





    Day six: Anzali to the high mountain of khalkhaal (Hotel 3*)

    A tour around Anzali Lagoon, boating then heading to Pare Sarv to visit Visadar Waterfall. There after going through the astonishing roads in the middle of the jungle of Asaalem to visit Pir Taghi suspending bridge and staying at a hotel in Khalkhaal.


    Day seven: To Ardabil and Sarein (Hotel 3*)

    To Ardabil. Visiting Neor Lake on the way then the tour of the city itself after that going for the famous Hot spring of Sarein.


    Day eight: From Saerin to Tabriz (Hotel 3*)

    Going to Tabriz to take a tour around the city and see the Azerbaijan museum and the grand bazar then spending the night at the hotel.


    Day Nine: Visiting the Kandovan volcanic village (Hotel 3*)

    Taking a walk through the Kandovan volcanic village which dates back to 4000 years ago then again spending the night at the hotel in Tabriz


    Day Ten: Flight to Tehran and transfer to airport for departure

    Flight to Tehran and then transfer to the airport to end the tour







    What’s Included

    Domestic Flight

    Inter-airport transfer

    Vehicle in accordance with the number of people

    Foreign Language guide

    Full Board

    3 Entrances per day


    What’s Excluded

    Iranian Dedicated Sim Card purchase

    Domestic trip insurance

    Probable therapeutic costs

    Iranian Visa

    Tour’s Location

    Loading Maps
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