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Iran stops stamping passports

To calm tourists’ fear that a visit to Iran might prevent them from being able to enter the United States, Iran announced in June that it is allowing foreign tourists to enter through its international airports without stamping their passports. Under a US law passed in 2015, travelers who visit Iran and six other countries are subject to enhanced scrutiny when later […]

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Iran, also known as Persia, is the land of contrasts and the crossroad of East and West For thousands of years, many traders and adventures crossed the land of Persia through the Silk Road, today, Iran is the home to numerous heritages of culture, traditions and moments. The rich culture, the wonderful architecture of old bazaars, […]

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Carpet Mending

Carpet Mending is a kind of restoring. To conserve and preserve old carpets, it has been common since past. Considering different techniques and varieties of regions, mending which is combination of weaving, designing, and dying needs knowledge and skill. Tabriz is one of the important poles in weaving carpet so carpet mending is developed along […]

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