The activity of Bird Watching

The activity of Bird Watching

The activity of watching birds in their natural habitats called bird-watching which has started since late 19 century. It can be done for variety of purposes like identifying species as a scientific exercise, but the main goal of bird-watching is hobby and it categorized as one of the ecotourism activities. Required equipment for doing this activity vary from doing it with naked eyes to using devices like cameras, binoculars, telescopes and … . Professional birdwatchers use different camouflage techniques to watch birds and their natural behaviors from a close range. The term bird-watching often confused with birding and used instead of each other but bird-watching refers to watching birds as a less serious activity. Iran can be considered as a unique country for birdwatchers because of existence of diverse habitats from arid and semi-arid zones to woodlands, forests and even humid wetlands and long coastlines. With more than 500 recorded bird species, this country has a rich avifauna more than anywhere else in the middle east. Some suitable sites of bird-watching include Anzali wetland, Urmia lake, Qeshm Island and Miankalleh biosphere reserve.

Dr. Milad Khosravi

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