Chaharshanbe Soori

Chaharshanbe Soori

Chaharshanbe Soori is a particular and important common ritual of spring festival among Iranian tribes, which is held before Nowruz (New Year) in Iranian culture. Chaharshanbe Soori is one of the Nowruz rituals which dates back to Iranian ancient rituals in which the fire is the most important element in all regions and also it is common in different forms among Aryan tribes.

Chaharshanbe Soori has been constituted from 2 words one of them is Chaharshanbe (Wednesday) “The last Wednesday of a year” and Soori “means red”. Chaharshanbe Soori is held in different regions by different methods due to their particular customs but fire is the main and shared element of Chaharshanbe Soori in all regions.

Fire is one of the classical elements and the only element which is pure and symbol of lighting, purity, freshness, life, health and finally it is the most obvious symbol of God on the land. Chaharshanbe Soori is held with setting the fire and jump over it in the night of the last Wednesday of each year (Thursday’s night). Today, the Chaharshanbe Soori ceremony is both dangerous and exciting.

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