A new sight of ecotourism

A new sight of ecotourism

You likely read and hear a lot about ecotourism activities like Bird-watching but you definitely know less about watching fishes in their natural habitats and better to name it as a new term, Fish Watching!!!
It is proven that watching fish swimming is relaxing and good for human health. So there are several public aquariums all over the world which attract peoples to visit them. Besides that, traveling to natural water-bodies and activities like sport fishing, snorkeling and watching fishes in the natural aquatic ecosystems with use of non-invasive equipment which prevent harming environment could be so amazing.
Although Iran is located in arid and semiarid region it has a rich biodiversity of fishes which is nearly about 200 species of inland fish species in its freshwater and brackish water ecosystems and some the species are just unique and endemic in the country. Presence of large bodied fishes like trout, carps and catfishes has made Iran as a good site for sport fishing. In addition, there are thousands of saltwater fish species in Persian Gulf and Oman sea and some good sites like Kish island that are perfect for snorkeling and watching maritime life.

Dr. Milad Khosravi

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